No mask or cape required!

The ‘Hero Forge’ project is founded upon a particular code and way of life. However, there are as many flavours of heroism as there are heroes; by reading the articles and listening to the interviews and conversations on this site, you’ll come to appreciate the full spectrum: there is room for us all!  While we would encourage you to dive into the material elsewhere on this site to get a clearer sense of the journey of the everyday hero, in a nutshell, this is what we believe and stand for:


  1. Heroes are not born; they are made.
  2. Anyone can be a hero- there are no barriers to entry.
  3. The hero’s journey is not only good for the world at large; it can enrich and add value to the life of the hero at the same time.
  4. Heroes need no special training to make a difference, but are most likely to be effective if they have optimised their physical, mental and emotional skills and resilience.
  5. No act of service is too small; we have no idea of the impact and reach of our actions. The smallest kindness might save a life and no one is keeping score anyway!
  6. Heroes are present, connected, courageous and sovereign beings.
  7. Heroes are fallible and subject to all of the flaws and weaknesses that the rest of us are afflicted by. They stumble and they fall, but they get up and keep going anyway.
  8. Heroes acknowledge their mortality and choose to commit some of their remaining time and energy to alleviate the suffering of others, and to leave the world a better place for future generations. In this sense, heroes presents an unapologetic middle finger to the forces of entropy.

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