Find a Job in a Tough Market

Change Careers When the Economy is Tough

When the economy is depressed and times are tough, many companies are struggling not to lay off current employees. Hiring may not be a priority for most in these conditions. However, it is still possible to get your foot in the door of a new company even when times are tough.


Network for a New Job

Networking is key when you are searching for a new job. It is especially important when companies appear not to be hiring due to the conditions in the economic and financial aspects of the country. Many companies will not openly advertise positions that may be available including for those to replace employees who have moved on from the organization. By effectively networking with others in the industry, you can learn about these positions that may be available.

Attend networking events in the industry where you wish to work. Find out about networking events from industry organizations as well as the local Chamber of Commerce and other business groups. Civic and volunteer groups are also excellent ways to network with other professionals. Get to know people, exchange business cards and then stay in touch on a regular basis.


Ask for an Informational Interview

Contact the manager of the department where you would like to work and ask for the opportunity to meet with him to discuss the industry. This can be done over a meal or even just coffee in the office. Specify that any amount of time they could spare would be beneficial and you would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the current market with an expert in the field. If you can use your networking contacts to make this introduction, it may be easier to arrange this meeting. Even if the person is not hiring at the moment, you can leave a favorable impression for future positions as well as expand your own network.


Apply for Qualified Positions

When most people begin the job search, they send their resume to every available position. This does not allow their cover letter or resume to be matched to the advertised position and waste the time of the hiring manager. Be dedicated in your job search and show respect for the management of the company by only applying when you meet the qualifications of the job. Tailor your resume and cover letter to the position and detail how you can fit into the company atmosphere while contributing to performance. Your attention to detail and customization of documents will shine through the stack of generic cover letters and resumes.


Use Your Social Network

Social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook can be a simple way to stay in touch with professional contacts and make new ones. LinkedIn especially can get you recognized by potential employers since your job history and education can be detailed on the site. Maintain a work-like appearance on these sites and maximize on their effectiveness by remaining professional at all times.

Even in bad times, new jobs can be found with diligence and persistence. Dedicate a set amount of time each day to your job search including making networking contacts and sending out customized resumes for positions. Let colleagues know that you are searching and ask for their assistance in sending qualified job leads your way.


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