Attitude is Important in Dealing With Employment

Finding Solutions to Bossy Co-workers and Lack of Job Finding

It’s hard working with co-workers who know it all, and try to take control; it’s even harder to find a job when the attitude of self esteem is low. Read on to find solutions to bossy co-workers and low self-esteem.


How to Handle a Bossy Co-Worker

Q. I work overnights with my co-worker its just her and i, she likes to tell me what to do, how to do it and explain why to do it her way when i have more experience in the field and know the job very well, I have no problem working as a team or alone dont really matter and i already told her to stop and back up she not my boss or supervisor and she keeps doin it and she pissing me off and its just not with me but she does it to every one else and its the same thing over and over, and its making my shift a terrible nights, thats how bad it has gotten and yes my boss knows about it every one complains about it even me, what can be done in this case?

A. It’s always annoying to work with a “know-it-all”, and the fact it’s only the two of you makes it difficult to get away from a co-worker. As long as you were polite and factual when telling her that you are competent at your workload, you did the right thing. But telling anyone to “back off” is an invitation for continued harrassment, which is what this situation sounds like. You have told the boss, but have you explained if it is interfering with the completion of tasks?

Your best bet is to smile sweetly when she tells you what to do, then say thanks, and unless the boss tells you how to do it, you will continue to do it in the best way – which may mean a different way than hers. Tell her that perhaps it would be best to have a meeting with the three of you – you, her and your boss. Let your boss know this ahead of time, and ask for his/her support in completing the workload in both your own ways. Of course, all this depends on the workload being independent of each other. If you depend on each other to get the work done, then the meeting should concentrate on both parties contributing to a solution that involves limited contact.


Attitude is a Key to Finding Employment

Q. this article (Having Trouble Finding a Job) was not can you get a part-time job when no one will hire you?also i’ve been putting in applications for 4 years and still can’t find a job.I am struggling to find one for 4 years so i can have my own place.i’ve made phone call after phone call and even the fast food places reject appearance and attitude are good,but most of them tell me i’m “too serious”.

A. The answer actually is in your complaint. Making a phone call will not get you a job. Answering ads, going to the Employment Centre for help, learning how to handle interview questions, creating an appropriate resume and cover letter – all these will help you in job seeking. More importantly though is the fact of attitude, which you mentioned. If the feedback says you are too serious, it’s a polite way of saying you are putting yourself down and look sad and dejected and give the impression you wouldn’t hire yourself, so why should they? No one wants to hire a sad sack, but you don’t need to be a jumping jack either. You may have a low self esteem right now due to a lack of success in job hunting. Think about what you can do, not what you can’t do. Look interested in the position, and be positive about yourself and your abilities.

Employment centres offer free help for those looking for work – full time or part time. Get over there and get help on your business documents, interview skills and attitude. You may not feel confident, but you need to look confident, not desperate or depressed. Smile! It is catching.


Bottom Line

Both of the reader’s questions really centre on attitude. Working with a bossy co-worker is difficult, but needs an attitude of finding a solution. Being told one is too serious at a job interview means a shift in attitude is needed; it’s time to think more positively of oneself and one’s ability rather than being down for not finding a job.

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